Ronni’s Favorite Things 2023!

In Blog by Dr. Ronni Brown

Make no mistake about it…I am not Oprah! But I must admit that at the beginning of every holiday season, I enjoy looking at Oprah’s list of “favorite things”- many of them whimsical, fun, and unique.

I decided to share with you My List of Dental Favorites…instruments and materials that have simplified my dental procedures. Look and even gift yourself this holiday season a more enjoyable practice of dentistry.

Troll Foil

This is the thinnest (4.5 microns) articulating foil on the market, comes mounted on its own frame thus eliminating the need for articulating forceps, can mark on wet, dry, or polished surfaces and does not smudge. I absolutely love this product! Free samples available online.
Troll Dental USA

Advantage Arrest

38% Silver Diamine Fluoride is an absolute game-changer. For high caries-risk patients, the application of SDF will arrest the carious lesion and promote re-mineralization of the surface. SDF was listed by the World Health Organization as a top essential medicine. The use of SDF for caries prevention is evidence-based, cost- effective, and safe.
To learn more about SDF, visit Advantage Arrest Gel
To schedule a free Lunch and Learn, visit Staff Meetings

Ionostar Molar

This is one of my favorite glass ionomer restorative materials! I use glass ionomer in my high-risk caries patients due to the sustained fluoride release that minimizes recurrent caries. This material is hydrophilic and can be placed in areas of moisture (sub-gingival areas), is not sticky, and the esthetics mirror composites. I have been using VOCO’s Ionostar for years and my patients have had these restorations also for years without caries or fractures! To learn more, visit IonoStar Molar – Glass Ionomer Restorative

Lower Universal Ash Apical Retention Forceps

This by far is my absolute favorite forceps for all mandibular extractions. This beveled beak design allows for a secure purchase of both the crown and root of the tooth. I use a downward pressure while slowly rotating in a mesial to distal direction which allows for the tooth to release vertically without compromising the buccal bone. To learn more, visit Universal Apical Retention Forceps #1174, Subgingival

Luxator P-Series

I was recently introduced to DirectaDental’s luxator peritomes and I can tell you these instruments have made my surgical extractions faster and simpler! They are now on every surgical tray and the second instrument (I first use a periosteal elevator to gauge anesthetic response to pressure) that I use! These instruments are the size of a pen with a fine tapered blade that compresses the alveolar bone and severs the periodontal ligament. I use the peritomes along the long axis of the root in a wiggle motion as I advance apically along the root with light pressure. Mobility is established quickly often eliminating the need for elevators. These peritomes come in the following four different blade tips:

          • Straight- for anterior and premolar teeth and applied on the buccal or facial surfaces
          • Curved- for interproximal insertion
          • Contra-angled- for the distal surface of terminal posterior teeth
          • Dual-edged- for root tips.
            To learn more, visit:  Luxator P-Series | Directa

Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday Season and
a New Year filled with health and happiness!