This Articulating Foil Provides the Perfect Finishing Touch

In Blog by Dr. Ronni Brown

When wrapping up a restorative case, clinicians are looking for a nice finishing touch to the procedure and to send the patient off feeling good about the appointment. If the articulating product step gets messy or time-consuming, both the patient and the provider can start to feel stressed out and possibly end the procedure feeling dissatisfied.

Noting that the product category is “not super sexy,” Dr. Brown was unsure just how much she could report about testing TrollFoil, or just how impressive the product could be. Although every dentist uses articulating products, she thought, “I don’t really know how much I’m going to be saying about articulating products.”

But after trying TrollFoil, she changed her tune. “I got the product, showed it to my dental assistant, and we immediately started saying to each other that we like this,” she says. “I [said], ‘Why don’t we just take our articulating forceps off the tray since we don’t need them?’ Now we have 1 less item on our tray.”

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Goff, S. (2023, March) This articulating foil provides the perfect finishing touch. Dental Products Report, 57(3),35.